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Wedding Video

Wedding Video

Clarissa & Anthony Wedding Video

Bayview Golf and Country Club, Thornhill

One impressive wedding video we have made is the wedding or Clarissa and Anthony. Their wedding was been held at St. Anselm's Parish and we are very proud about this unique wedding culture of Indonesian couples.

We capture every detail of their wedding start from the putting on the tuxedo of the groom and the wearing the preparation of the bride. Thus, we show how they went through the church and captured the important detail of their wedding ceremony. Even though their wedding vows are base from Indonesian culture, we can still have the ability to create something romantic wedding video that will make them happy with the result they will have. After their wedding ceremony, they continue to go in their Wedding Venue Bayview Golf and Country Club. In there, we start to capture some photos and create some videos wherein they can share to their friends and relatives. Their venue is one of the most beautiful nature and golf course in Toronto that is commonly chosen by most of the couples for their wedding venue. This is the perfect place for you to celebrate the most especial even you have that you can truly be proud of.

So if you are looking for excellent and impressive service for wedding photographer and wedding videographer in Toronto, we are the right option for you. We will ensure to you that you will be happy with the service we can provide in you.

Video : Studio @ THE ONE BRIDAL
Venue, Church & Hotel Location : Bayview Golf and Country Club, Thornhill, ON , Canada, 

Hilton Toronto/Markham Suites Conference Centre & Spa, Markham, ON, Canada

St. Anselm's Parish, Toronto, ON, Canada

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