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Maggie & Jeff Wedding Photo and Video / 

The Westin Prince & Graydon Hall, Toronto

Maggie and Jeff are sweet couple. We have known them since Jeff’s brother’s wedding couple years ago. On his brother’s wedding, we captured every precious moment. This time, we are so happy to capture every special moment for Maggie and Jeff. 

In the morning of the day, we decided to go to the centre of Cathedraltown, Cathedral of the Transfiguration in Markham, which serves as the landmark of the Cathdraltown community before picking Maggie up since we were a little bit early. We used Catherdral of the Transfiguration as a beautiful backdrop for Jeff and his groomsmen to take some memorable pictures and video.

After we picked up Maggie, we were continuing our journey of the day. We headed to another famous place for wedding which is Graydon Hall Manor in Toronto. Its unique architecture design by architects Allan George and Walter Moorehouse in 1936. It is the attractive point for the sweet couple and many other newlyweds. We are so familiar to this place because we have been here for wedding picutres and video many times. 

Another important place for the day is the wedding venue - The Westin Prince, Toronto. The couple hosted their wedding ceremony and reception at this place. They picked this place for their wedding not only because the outdoor ceremony place have garden as the natural backdrop feeling, also its contemporary room decoration. 

Wedding Photo, Same-Day Edit Video : Studio @ THE ONE BRIDAL

Wedding Dress, Evening Dress, Chinese Dress, Tuxedo : THE ONE BRIDAL

Location : The Westin Prince Toronto,Graydon Hall Manor, Toronto, ON , Canada

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